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Named the Land of Peace, Costa Rica is the earliest democratic government in Latin America having a hundred years of political stability. Costa Rica has the perfect beach locations and nature scenery. It carries all the essential elements of a great trip. No wonder, thousands of vacationers make Costa Rica their top travel pick. If you need to experience an outing to Costa Rica, consider its 2 seasonal changes – the dry and wet seasons. Typically, folks take their holiday getaway within the the summer months that is why within this period Costa Rica is high in businesses. It is usually harder to book the hotels that you want. Rain in Costa Rica, especially during intense rain months in October and November, is crazy. All of the clothing and things in your home will not get dry or stay dry.

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The abundant tropical climate encourages travelers to explore the outdoors and also to actively interact with the people, to feel the natural and organic elegance of the surrounding countryside, and toinvolve themselves in the lively way of life that lets Costa Ricans to enjoy a good life and longevity that is the envy of the rest of the world. Arenal Volcano is among Costa Rica’s very well known sites. Also, situated at the breathtaking Osa Peninsula, the Corcovado National Park has long been recognized as one of the most natural sites in the world. If you do want to explore the Corcovado National Park, having a tour guide is your best bet as the Corcovado is also the habitat of Costa Rica’s second most dangerous snake, the tremendously aggressive Fer-de-lance. A professional trail guid won’t only keep you from getting lost, but can certainly also enlighten you on this amazing habitat. Did we mention how great sailing in Costa Rica can be?

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Another essential thing you should not miss is finding the place to rent according to your preference and budget. There are lots of small hotels scattered around Costa Rica. Typically manage as a good family business venture enterprise, these types of hotels are fantastic representation of this practices and lifestyle of Costa Rica. It is a excellent venue for enhancing your Spanish language and they can render tailored services. You could possibly would wish a elegant service to maximize your vacation, you can also find several big hotels guaranteeing a luxurious accommodation. These accommodations offer high end at its best when you want to have fun and super stress-free getaway. Everything shall be served at your doorstep.

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There are many first-class pristine sand beaches stroll or bathe in. While sailing, you’ll be able to sit back and watch dolphins, manta rays, whales, and turtles. Among the perfect methods to check out these absolutely awesome and charming areas is via a canopy tour. Though most people still consider that hiking is a fantastic strategy to look around a rainforest, canopy trips are even better simply because the view they offer is usually unmatched and one also gets to see the nature in their natural environment. Canopy trips are actually created for more gutsy guests having pleasure in the adrenaline rush.

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The wealthy panorama of Costa Rica is filled with thermal hot springs that come in every size, shape, and temperature possible. You’ll find lots of a river activities in Costa Rica starting from action packed rafting escapades to slow paced wildlife observation floats. There are actually kayaking packages that enable you to have the most trouble free experience possible while making the most of your time spent on the river. Experience Costa Rica, where remote breathtaking whitewater rivers are presently in abundance.

SANSA is the top local airline in Costa Rica, and has served its clients for more than 30 years. With Sansa you easily get to your destinations of great interest within this marvelous country. Several remote Costa Rican areas in the southern part of Nicoya are reached faster by taking your car throughout the Gulf of Nicoya using a ferry. In high season, especially around Christmas and Easter, be prepared to wait quite some time at the ferry line-up. It is a great way to get to the ferry boat depot at least one an hour ahead of time, or else you might be waiting again for a few hours to catch the following crossing. – Surf Camp in the beautiful beach town of Santa Teresa and Malpais, Costa Rica – Wildlife conservation program on the beach of Montezuma