Apr 14, 2013

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Sailing Ship Adventure

If you are a sailing lover and want to go for a trip to a beautiful place than you can choose Sailing Ship Adventures. It is a specially travel service that represents sailing ship owners and operators. You will get the opportunity to travel with a full rigged tall ship in the world booked by Sailing Ship Adventures.

Sailing Ship Adventure

Star Flyer

You can choose Star Flyer which is 4-masted barkentines, and reflects its proud heritage in every inch of polished brass and gleaming bright work.Star Flyer is 360 feet long and carries just 170 guests in pampered comfort.If you travel with this boat you will feel blissfully relaxed just like traveling on a private yacht. On the board you will never feel confined as the ship offers expansive teak decks with ample space for relaxing and also offers pleasingly spacious accommodation.  There are more out door space than that of most conventional cruise ships. You will find antique prints and paintings of famous sailing ships. The decor of Star Flyer is reminiscent of the grand age of sail.

If you sail with this unique vessel you will discover a new age of sail. Star Flyer is modern cruise ship in every way. If you are a comfort lover and also love traditions and romance of the legendary era of sailing ships then you will obviously love to sail with Star Flyer.

Description of the region:

You can chose Costa Rica & Panama 7 night trip with Star Flyer. The region is Pacific Coast, US to Central America. You will be astonished while observing the natural paradise is so dazzling and diverse that you can not describe its beauty in words. The shape of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is like a giant crab with two great claws.  There are 9,000 higher plant species in this region. You will also see many different kinds of birds there as it is the home of 800 bird species. You will get the opportunity to explore the wildlife here. There are hundreds of frogs and reptiles and 10 percent of all mammals on the earth.


Puerto Caldera:

During 7 day trip on Sunday you will reach Puerto Caldera which is a port of both cruise ships and cargo vessels. It has started in 1577. From the capital of San Jose, Puerto Caldera serves as the primary access point. The main attraction of this port is its unspoiled natural beauty. You will explore the rain forest starting just inside the coastline and the forest continues up into the mountains. There are also beautiful waterfalls, rivers, national parks and wildlife preserves. Puerto Caldera is also famous for its large and diverse populations of forest and aquatic birds.

Next three days you will stay at sea and sail to the next stop.

Drake Bay:

On Thursday you will reach  Darke Bay ( Bahia Drake) hich is resting on the northern side of the Osa Peninsula. If you are willing to get relaxed than Drake Bay is the ideal vacation spot for you. The rustic area around the bay provides a plethora of activities at your disposal. You can enjoy scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking at Corcovado National Park, sport fishing, bird-watching or exploring the miles of deserted picturesque coastline.


On Friday you will reach Quepos. This is a seaside town which is the epitome of “jungle chic”. It is known s the gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park – Costa Rica’s crown jewel. There you will get ffresh and delicious seafood. You will see a waterfall falling directly into the ocean. You will see exotic birds fly overhead and white face monkeys squeal with delight.

National Reserve of Curu:

An area of 208 acres is covered by Curu National Wildlife Refuge. On Saturday you will reach this place and will get the opportunity to explore mangrove, hills, beaches and forests.

Sunday is the returning day. The whole trip will be memorable for you and you will probably make your mind to have another trip.


Sailing Ship Adventure

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