Mar 7, 2013

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During volcanic upheaval about two-and-a-half million years ago Cocos Island was formed. This island is composed of basaltic rock, labradorite and andesite lava flows. Four mountain peaks punctuate its landmass and Cerro Iglesias is the highest of those mountain. Cerro Iglesias is at 2,080 feet or 634 meters above the sea. This Cocos island has an irregular coastline and it makes precise estimation of its land area more a matter of opinion than a surveyor’s science, but it is roughly five miles by two miles (8 x 3 kilometers).

The boat Argo

The renowned Cocos Island Marine Park is located in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, 300 miles southwest of Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica. Among many beautiful areas of Costa Rica, the Cocos Island is the spectacular one. There are only two bays (Chatham and Wafer Bay) with safe anchorages and sandy beaches. Wafer Bay is on the northwest and Chatham is located on the northeast side.

Around the Island:

When you will reach Cocos Island you will get the opportunity to see innumerable white tip reef sharks, dolphins, schooling hammerhead sharks, whale shark, sailfish, marbled rays and giant moray eels. You will also see silky sharks, marlin, green turtles, large schools of jacks, creole fish, octopus, silver tip sharks and 362 species of insects. In this Island’s world-renowned water some 70 of the 235 identified vascular plant species in the world, some 25 species of moss, 27 species of liverwort and 85 species of fungus are also found. In the ground of the island there are 87 bird species including cuckoo, finch and flycatcher and there are pigs and deer also which are responsible for hastening soil erosion by their digging.


There are so many beautiful dive sites you can visit such as:

Shark Fin Rock: In this site you will see white tips, eagle rays, dolphins, marble rays etc. Similar to its name the pyramidal rock is exactly looks like shark fin from the surface. You can safely dive on this site between 40 and 120 ft. This beautiful site is the home of an active colony of friendly marble rays.

Bajo Dos Amigos: In this site you will see manta rays, sailfish, mobula rays, hammerheads, wahoos. And this the only site where you will get the opportunity to watch black coral from a safe sight between 100 and 130 feet. This site looks like a crown of a king. You might be face some difficulty to dive in this site as there are strong currents normally present.

Viking Rock: In this site you will be able to see eagle rays, hammerheads, white tips, turtles and even tiger sharks. This island has a small helmet-shaped on the northwest corner of Wafer Bay.

You can also visit other beautiful dive site such as Manuelita Coral Garden, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria, Shark Fin Rock etc.

The boats used for diving are are equipped with integrated racks for scuba diving equipment, separate camera storage area, VHF radios and a T-roof. Each boat measuring 24 feet in length and with a beam of over nine feet. All of the boats are extremely stable in any sea conditions. You will find all the necessary safety equipment including communications, oxygen, first-aid kit and spare dive gear on the boat.


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