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SUP – Stand up Paddle Boarding

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What is Stand Up Paddle boarding?

As a heritage gift from Hawaiian nations stand up paddle boarding become more popular throughout the world in 1950s and 60s. This is a sort of surfing and now reemerged as a separate discipline of surfing. For longer distance surfing it is best to have a paddle board and stand up paddle surfing is suitable in that case. In 1960s professional photographers used to use Stand Up Paddle boarding(SUP) as a mean of photography. Recent improvements caused by use this by other professionals for their activities. The key to this popularity is ease of training. It is now a world recognized sport and a profession. Stand up paddle surfing is nowadays the fastest growing water surfing activity because it allows a wider range of athletic kinds to get involved and SUP surfers need not schedule around high and low tides. The Paddle board is made out of glass-reinforced plastic construction using polyester or epoxy resin. In last few years inflatable boards have been introduced as well. The board is generally nine feet longer and probably twelve feet longer while having features such as padded decks and concave hulls.


Core training is a work out that aims the muscle of mid-section of our body. Where, the upper body and lower body join each other there the place to aim by SUP training. Training in or on an unbalanced surface is essential for core muscles and benefits are immediately transfers to that core muscles. Unlike other sports SUP gives high concentration on your core and your stomach and back muscle are strengthen by taking Stand Up paddle boarding tours. You have to keep your body weight balanced on your feet. You constantly have footwork and your body weight will be bare by one foot after other that give you much workout for your entire bone system so that your muscles and bones are getting stronger and stronger. When paddle work goes your upper body works very hard and it will be a vigorous work out for your upper body as well as your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It is great help for joints and diseases like arthritis may vanish. 

Worlds’ best Stand Up Paddleboarding spots

Hawaii is the native place to Stand Up Paddle boarding and still best place for surfing. It is quite natural and southern shore, Oahu is more forgiving with fairly flat water. Tour operators, shops, rent boards and more is available in Oahu as well. Columbia River is one of the best spots to SUP. Hood River, Ore is the nearly town and located northwest to Pacific. It is a beautiful river. It is rarely wide and water is pretty gentle. Anybody can paddle on it. The waters are chilly year round. Brazils’ Costa Verde near to Rio de Janeiro is recently discovered by paddle surfers. The coast is sheltered by an island and offers high temperate waters and gentle waves. It is an ideal place for paddle boarders.  Austin at Texas is somewhat far from coast yet a real place to paddle. There the worlds’ largest paddle board manufacturers company located. It is the SUP ATX. Town lake waters are among city lovers. It is a place that filled with paddle surfers. Glenwood Springs at Colorado is the place to birth of a man made whitewater park. There is no shortage of places to kick up some surf. Moving water makes for tricky surfing and even well trained surfers are wear life vests and helmets there. Lot of adventure experiences associated with Colorado Stand Up Paddle boarding tours.

Acadia National Park at Maine is an Atlantic paddle surfing spot of newest addition. Boarders are welcomed to paddle in sheltered coves and bays. Inland lakes are also ready for your visit and offer beautiful flat water options. It is still a growing market for paddlers. Day by day the number of participants is growing so that you will experience much new friendship capabilities there.

Stand Up Paddle boarding is very popular throughout Mexico yet Loreto offers near perfect conditions. It is on the Sea of Cortez. Many Surfers head for Bahia de Loreto national Park, where they may find themselves paddling by whales, dolphins, rays and other sea life.

One another location from Mexico, which is named as Waikiki is famous for SUP. It is about twenty minutes away from the airport of Puerto Vallarta. The rolling waves of Anclote or the down winders along the sparkling coast, this gorgeous peninsula are set up perfectly for stand up paddle fun and education.

Tofino at British Columbia is best for couples and surf travelers. It is an old fur trading and logging town that happens to sit in one of the beautiful locations on Vancouver Island. Cool, misty and full of wildlife area is surrounded with the sea and available for your adventure. Winters can be harsh yet spring and summer bring warmer air temperatures and almost nonstop markets, festivals and cultural events.

 There the heaven for beginner paddlers as teaching spots is also available. Ideal period to come there is from March to September.  Winter sees bigger waves. If you are ready for freezing air temperatures and raging storm surf you welcome whole the year round. Best serving lodgings are available at Tofino that fits to your budget at all. Tofino is also a town that full of food. Lots of restaurants are there.

Taghazout of Morocco is one of the prettiest Stand UpPadlleboarding surface in the world. It is a place for surf adventurers as well as beginners. It is a surfing oasis in the middle of a long, rugged coastline that is inundated with waves. This ancient encampment was later became an oasis for sea adventures with an effort made by French and Moroccan people alike.

The waves are almost always long-period ground swells, and which means great shape and plenty of power, and the winds consistently blow offshore. Beginner Stand up paddlers should start at beaches like Panoramas or Crocodiles and work towards their way up to the point breaks, which are considered among the one of bests in the world. All the year is suitable with this tropical cultural countryside and with warm temperature. Lot of sunshine is there. Teaching facilities are also available at competitive rates for everyone. Food and lodging will not be a problem once you familiar with native Moroccans and it are an easily accessible target for visitors because the natives are used to welcome travellers and surfers especially.

Bundoran at Ireland is one of your destinies in stand up paddling career. It is a best place for salty surf traveler who does not mind paddling on cold water or on rainy days. Bundoran is known as Cold-water Indonesia of Europe among surfers. Every paddler must add this spot to his surf locations. An ancient fishing village catches just about any swell that steamrolls through the north Atlantic. Smattering beaches and reefs are suitable for all level of standup paddle boarders. From September to November of every year there will be a carnival season for paddlers there. A good budget option is to get a lodge with companies where you can meet other paddle surfers and plan trips up and down the coast.

Australia offers many verities for sea adventures. Byron Bay is a spot of family surfers. This may be a once in a life time trip for many paddlers. Among the many of surf towns located in the entire Australian continent, Byron Bay stands out as one of the spiritual and historical homes of surfing in what is, pound for pound, perhaps the greatest surfing nation in the world. Disregarding the tendency toward the upscale, Byron is at heart a hippie town that favors live bands.  The period to visit there is from June to September.

Japan offers surfers Shonan. It is best who want to know more about eastern culinary and cultural delights with the vibrant surfing culture. Wave rich japan Islands are awaiting you move to there at least once in your life time. As a beginner paddler you have to learn lot of thing there with dark sandy beaches and its craggy coastline which hides reefs, points and river mouths. It was the birth place to Japanese surfing, according to native surfers. Like many other Stand Up Paddling sites it was a fishing town earlier and later it was become famous among foreign paddlers.

Better months to go there are from March to June. There you will have more gentle waves. Otherwise, typhoon swells.  There are plenty of schools to learn how to paddle at your start. As I noted earlier you may have a culinary experience of eastern culture and your tong only will know the difference of fish cakes made by Japanese. There are number of restaurants opened year round for visitors supplying Asian foods and European foods as well. Lodging with five-star to unrated is available as your budget fix. Normally Japanese are hostile for visitors alike many Asians.

With whom you should be with in Costa Rica

Experience NosaraPaddlesurf is located in Playa Guiones,Nosara, Costa Rica is one of best serving Stand Up Paddleboardingofferers in the region. They are famous for loving SUP, teaching SUP and to share their knowledge about Stand UpPaddleboarding among their clients coming from world apart. The Pacifiv Coast of Costa Rica is the abode to Nosara. Nosara is recently merged Surf town with many surf tour organizers. You may have much information on Experience NosaraPaddlesurf by visiting www.experience-nosara.com. Meanwhile Charleston SUP Safaris is devoted for build confidence among surfing professionals and beginners. They are also famous for teaching water safety. Instilling environmental education is another vision for them. Visit their site at www.charlestonsupsafaris.com for more valuable information of your next safari at Costa Rica. Point Break Surf Costa Rica is another service provider with four years’ experience but having much about Stand Up Paddle Surfing. They are also having fame to their teaching method of SUP. Guanacaste area is their location but service is worldwide. You may be one of reader at their site on www.pointbreaksurf.com and visit there for more info. www.desafiocostarica.com is abode for one another SUP service Provider based in Costa Rica. You may have the chance to have family based packs for surfing with them. Their tours bring you throughout Costa Rica. The main services they all offer are not only limited to teaching Stand Up Paddleboarding, building confidence with SUP surfers,  teaching water safety but also to conduct certification classes to professional surfers, board and lodging and food supplying, tour organizing and family based surfing rental material providing.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Certifications

ACA certification is available for those who wish to get a professional level SUP experience. In order to participate in an ACA Skills Course, each participant must satisfy the following essential eligibility criteria:  He must be able to independently participate in all individual skills and activities. And also be able to hold their breath while under water and, while in the water wearing a properly fitted lifejacket.Further, be able to independently turn from a face down to a face up position keeping their head above water.  Meanwhile, be able to effectively communicate with the instructor and other course participants.He must be able to manage all personal care independently, or with the assistance of a companion.  Be able to manage all personal mobility independently, or with the assistance of a companion. All the equipment you need are properly fitted PFD, SUP paddle, Stand Up Paddleboard, appropriate clothing for the weather. Approximately two hour duration of testing is all you have to participate.Course Contents are as follows, Introduction, Expectations, & Logistics:  Welcome, introductions, paperwork Student& instructor course expectations and limitations. Course itinerary & site logistics, Review waiver, assumption of risk, challenge by choice, medical disclosure.For more information on ACA certification please visit at American Canoe Association www.americancanoe.org

American Canoe Association offers courses for not only for Stand UpPaddleboarding but also for other sea surfing and diving professionals, including, sea kayaking, scuba diving and surfing also.