Apr 12, 2013

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Sailing on the Maratonga

The Yacht Maratonga:

Maratonga is the yacht designed by Tayana Backman-Holland. It is an euro yacht 52 foot with a sail measuring 130 m2. It has been built by the captain, who has 35 years of sailing experience and many years on charter business, in his own enterprise in Switzerland. With this yacht you will be able to go for trip around the world. Not only with your partner or friends you can also take your kids on the boat as it is safe for the children. It has a solid rail, fully shaded cockpit and comfortable sundeck. You will also have fresh water, shower on deck. The boat will provide the snorkeling equipments for the guests but you have to take the equipments: swimsuit, shorts, sunscreen, hat, towel, good deck shoes so that you can enjoy the trip fully.

Sailing on Maratonga

Types of the adventure:

There are many medium and small sized island which you can explore with the yacht Maratonga. There are two main types of these adventure and those are ‘luxury yacht sailing experience’ and ‘transportation to outlying islands’. If you chose ‘luxury yacht sailing experience’ you will get the opportunity to sail and explore the beautiful seas surrounding Costa Rica. If your choice is ‘ transportation to outlying island’ then you will be able to go for snorkeling, surfing, diving, fishing etc.


You will get the opportunity to enjoy some solitary time in Flamingo Beach. You can just take sun bath on the fine white sand. This beach is one of Central America’s most incredible coastal destination.  Its pristine clear blue water, vegetation, lagoons and abundance of activities will make feel that it is the perfect location you want to live or visit.

Types of Cruise:

Half day cruise:

You can decide to go for a half day cruise or full day cruise or sunset cruise. If you chose half day cruise you will have to leave at 2 p.m. and the trip will last till sunset. The price for this trip is $ 70.00 per person. If you go for a half day cruise than you will be able to observe the amazing sunset view from the deck. You can take some snacks, drinks or coffee to make the time more enjoyable. You can capture the beautiful view on your camera so that your trip becomes memorable.

Full day cruise:

You can choose full day cruise so that you can enjoy many beach activities such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing or diving. For a full day cruise the boat leaves at 8:30 am and last until sunset. In a full day cruise you can enjoy the sunset view while returning. You have to pay $ 95.00 per person for a full day cruise.

Sunset cruise:

Another type of cruise is Sunset cruise which leaves at 3.30 pm from Marina Flamingo and sail to the Brummel Island.  If you are interested only to observing the sunset view and want to enjoy the wind of the sunset on your face and feel the tranquil environment only with the sound of the waves and sea birds then ‘Sunset Cruise’ is perfect for you. You can enjoy a romantic time with your partner on the deck and listen to the whispering of the gentle wind. The trip will make you feel ready for another trip and it will not seem much while you will pay $ 55.00 per person for the sunset trip.

Food and drinks:

Whatever cruise you decide you will get some delicious food and drinks on the boat such as snacks, soft drinks, beer, punch, tropical fruits and a full day cruise includes BBQ.


Sailing on the Maratonga

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