Mar 24, 2013

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Mucha Costa Rica

Sailing is a spectacular way to spend an enjoyable day or an evening with the friends and family. You can be relieved from all the tension and anxiety and will get the opportunity to be more connected not only with your partner and family but also realize your own self. You will enjoy the beauty of the nature, will explore the wildlife. The total experience will give a feelings of story book adventure. You can prefer day time sail but it will be better to stay till sunset. Then you will observe one of the most beautiful sunsets.


Get ready for sailing to remote beaches and coves aboard the luxury yacht. You can also go for snorkeling, swimming, fishing. Mucha CostaRica offers the following sailing adventures tours from where you can choose anyone:

1. Full Day Sailing Cruise

2. Half Day Sailing Cruise

3. Private Cruises, events and extended trips

4. Sunset Sailing

5. Full Moon Cruise

Full Day Sailing Cruise

Full Day tour usually start in the morning 9 a.m. and lasts about 8 hours. The boat will take you from the place nearby your hotel. Let yourself spoil  and prepare for a full day sailing cruise. If you go for a full day sailing then you will get the opportunity to go for snorkeling in secluded bays and along coral reefs. You will also get the opportunity to travel the sea caves and explore the wildlife under the sea and also in the mangrove forests from a detachable place. You will also have the snorkeling equipments and floating device. And while returning you will enjoy the beautiful sunset. During the full day trip you will have a gourmet snacks and lunch including homemade quiche or chicken, cold cuts, crispy salads, sandwiches and fresh fruits. On the boat there are a bar where you will get different types of drinks such as rum punch, sodas, beer and juices.

Half Day Snorkeling & Sailing

If you are not interested to go for a full day trip then you can choose Half Day Snorkeling & Sailing. The tour last for 4.5 hours. It departs in the morning by sailing to a remote bay where you will see clear waters and white sanded beaches. The boat will pick you from the beach nearest to your hotel. Snorkeling equipments are also provided for the guest. You will enjoy snorkeling and discovering the divers marine life and if you are lucky enough you might be able to watch anemones, coral, tropical fish, anemones, turtles etc. During the tour you will also get the opportunity to see manta rays, turtles, whales, dolphins. While exploring the breathtaking scenery you will get a gourmet lunch including fresh fruits, homemade quiche or chicken, cold cuts, crispy salads served by the stuff. You will find a bar where you will get beers, rum punch, juices, sodas and water.

Private cruises, Events and Extended Trips

Not only Full day or Half day tour but also Private cruises, events and extended trips are organized by Mucha Costarica. This sailing yacht is available for private parties, private day trip, extended trips and for those who just want a private day trip.You can just choose for a private day trip, weekend trip, honeymoon trip, surf expeditions or scientific research. You will have delicious food and drinks. You will find your dream comes true. For private tours you will have to book the yatch for at least 3 day/2 night stay.

Sunset Sailing Cruise and Full Moon Night Cruises

Sunset Sailing Tour begins in afternoon. 3 pm – 6 or 6:30 pm.If you want to be relaxed completely just let the warm afternoon breeze blow all your tensions and anxiety away and how the sun disappears slowly, slowly below the horizon. While the sun will sinking you will feel that all the sorrows, tensions are going away from you and you will be rejuvenated. You can also spend a romantic time with your partner if you go for a full moon night cruise. The moon light will make the water so shiny that you will feel thousands of diamond are all around you. It’s just amazing.




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