Apr 28, 2013

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Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina

In Costa Rica, Crocodile Bay Resort & Marina has the most state-of the art boating facility. In 1999 this Marina opened its door for the first time. If you stop in this marina you will get the opportunity to enjoy the countless natural wonders of Osa Peninsula. You will also have a home base to enjoy the pristine waters of Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast. This marina let the boat owners to travel the entire length of Costa Rica and they can also access to a safe harbor in the South.Crocodile Bay Resort $ Marina will provide you the first class service so that you feel comfort and enjoy. You will have extreme beauty, extreme excitement and extreme comfort.

 Crocodile bay resort & marina

On the Osa Peninsula (which sits on a bay named the ‘Golfo Dulce’ or ‘Sweet Gulf’) in South Pacific region of Costa Rica, Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina is located. Osa Peninsula is the greater ecological paradise in Costa Rica. More than 50% of the 500,000 animal and plant species of Costa Rica live in Osa Peninsula. If you visit this peninsula, you will get the opportunity to see many species of plants and trees. Osa Peninsula is considered as the last true wonderland where you can discover many types of animals and can explore the beauty of nature.

You can visit Corcovado National Park not with the motorized transports but by walking. While walking on the areas of this park sometimes you will find yourself alone in the nature and can get the time to feel the interconnection between you and the beautiful nature. You can go right down to the beautiful white sand beaches where you will be amazed to see the changes of the nature. This adventure will be memorable for you for the entire life.

The boat which are between 40′ to 250′ in size can get accommodations offered by Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina and the following services the boat will get:

  • Boat launching services
  • Concierge services
  • Black water pump out
  • Electric and water hookups
  • 24 hour security
  • Emergency fire boat response team
  • Dry dock storage
  • Separate charter and tour dock
  • WiFi
  • Golf cart access to docks
  • Immigration and first port of call services
  • Fuel
  • Eco tour office
  • Helipad

When you will return after finishing your day activities such as hiking, sport fishing you will have a cool drink and get relaxed in the 5,000 square foot spa. The professional therapists will relax your sore muscles and pamper you like a queen or a king! In Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina you will get all the services which will give you the experience firsthand and you will feel the interconnection with the nature and also with your own self which will make you ready for coming in this marina again.


Crocodile Bay Resort and Marina

Website: http://thecostaricamarina.com

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1250 North McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954
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