Feb 14, 2013

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An Introduction to Surfing

a surfer surfing on blue water

What is surfing?

Surfing is a sport in which the wave rider, called surfer, rides against a sea wave. It is a surface water sport and needed equipment is surfboard. The wave carries the surfer towards the shore and surfer rides his surfboard towards the wave. This is and art which is developed with many techniques as it seems today.The term ‘surfing’ refers to the act of riding and not to the form of riding. Ancient Pacific native people surfed waves by means of Alaia, Paipo and some other crafts on their belly, knees and feet. Bodysurfing is a purest form of riding without any help from a craft. However, more modern definition to surfing complies with the act of surfing with the help of a surfboard. Normally it refers to the stand-up surfing of paddle-boarding.

There are three basic sorts of surfing as fall into the scope of modern day definition; they are longboarding, short boarding and stand-up paddle boarding. In tow in surfing, a motorized water vehicle, tows the surfer into the wave and it helps to match the higher speed of a large wave, probably or usually a higher speed than a self-propelled surfer may not ascertain. Piffle-boarding or sea kayaking are the sports that they would not require waves yet other derivative sports like kite-surfing and windsurfing needed.

For thousands of years Polynesians were used to riding and surfing was first observed by Europeans who visited Tahiti in 1767. Samuel Wallis, the first European visitor to Polynesia has the record of observing surfing in June 1767. There are some other seamen after that went to Tahiti and their records on surfing are very helpful in determining how the surfing was developed. Father of modern surfing is George Freeth. He was one of the early surfers of modern surfboard, which was accidentally invented by Freeth.

Benefits of surfing

Surfing is a vigorous work out. It helps you improve your balance. In order to stay in your surfboard you should have strong ability to keep your balance. This skill carries over into everyday life.  Once you practice balance in your young you must be able to keep away from falls, breaks and other features of old age. Surfing increases your strength. It results in increase in muscle mass and strength in your arms, shoulders and chest. High muscle mass improves your day living and thereby helps to burn more calories. This is a great help to lose weight and so as to cab aid in preventing from many diseases. Surfing can also increase your flexibility through a great work out.  It is a great help to improve your cardiovascular fitness too. Your cardiovascular system is composed of your heart, as well as the veins and arteries that work to bring blood to and from the heart. You will be free from shortness of breath, fatigue, and heart attacks due to your improved health by taking surfing exercises.

Famous surfing spots of the world

Arugam Bay of Sri Lanka is the worlds’ top ranking surf spot. It was a small fishing village for most recent time. However some diehard surfers knew the value of Arugam Bay. Ever since 1960s it was count as Asia’s Surfing Mecca. The consistent swell, long runs, shark free, permanently warm of 28 Celsius, crystal clear waters, relaxed life onshore and budget accommodation however has elevated Arugam Bay onto the international surfer’s map. The Association of Surfing Professionals held a successful international competition at Arugam Bay in June 2010.

It is known that Arugan Bay is often mentioned to be in the top ten of the worlds’ surf spots due to a bulk of favorable factors.  The average wave height however rarely exceeds three to four meters. It is about 220 km away from Colombo.

Bells beach, belongs to Victoria, Australia is also a famous surfing spot. Bells Beach is the home of the world’s longest-running surfing competition – the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival, which was formally known as Bells Beach Surf Classic. This competition was first held in 1961 and a yearly. Bells is known internationally as one of the best breaks in Victoria, but “Winki Pop” often works better under more diverse conditions than the other nearby breaks.

Indonesia’s Mentawi Islands are among best surfing places that an award winning surfers love. Those are wave rich chain of about seventy islands and islets off of western coast of Sumathra. Wave hunters often go there and have what Nature grants them when surfing is in one’s accomplishments list. Period starting from March and that ends in October is the time best to achieve Indonesia surfing experience. Winds are variable and easy to find a break with offshore conditions.

Republic of Costa Rica is a legendary surfing location. Both coastlines produce great waves with the major swell season starting from April and ending in October. Once you organize a trip to Costa Rica it will be life long experience to you that due to best waves you may encountered your love becomes stronger to this shore.

Jeffreys Bay at Eastern Cape of South Africa to be a place to be visited at least once in your life time with your surfing. The wave in the break is regarded one of worlds’ best right-handed. They have both quality and consistency and never end. May to mid-September is the Season which gives most consistent waves.

El-Salvador kidnaps us for a while. Pacific Ocean itself gives more variant and offers many shores. This spot’s is boundary is countryside of El-Salvador is Guatemala and Honduras. The country is a natural tourist attraction that is gaining more and more popularity with surfers visiting places like El Zonte, Sunzal, and La Libertad. That is why because, they are not very crowded. Season starts in March and goes to October and coincides with rainy season.

Santa Catarina island of Brazil is one of most precious places to be visited. Pure Sandy waves and whitewater waves are welcoming your visit there. It is totally a different experience to be had. Country has a great number of resorts. A great consistency and a huge variety of waves are in our benefit list. Any month of the year is suitable to have a trip to there.

Portugal has one of best surfing destinations of the world and it is called as Supertubos. It is also a little fishing town. Today a narrow spit of land contains a considerable amount of wave variety that can provide the goods in almost any conditions. It is consider as one of Europe’s best beach breaks. The town also sits at the dividing point between the cooler and wetter north and the dry, sunny south meaning that summers are long but tempered by cool sea breezes and the winters mild though occasionally stormy.

Island of Samoa is a part of Samoan Island archipelago in South Pacific Ocean just north to Fiji is a surfing destination to the surfers comes from all parts of the world. It offers a rich Polynesian culture, warm waters, a tropical island paradise and consistent quality waves. The best time to roll is from April to October, when waves are big.Some of the renowned surf spots in Samoa are the A’ufaga Village, Salani, Boulders, Coconuts Salamumu and Tiavea, Laulii, Fagaloa Bay or Solosolo.


Like all other water sports surfing may carry the danger of drowning.  Regardless of the age anybody must have an intermediate level skill in swimming before they are going to surfing. Surfboard can be separated from the surfer at any accident. It is highly dangerous when one’s surfboard caught by waves and become trapped by water.  Even experienced surfers suffer from such incidents and they become helpless amid of the sea once they are trapped by a giant wave. Prior experience is not a good solution for this problem and surfer must be aware of not going through the waves that they are not capable of encountering them. On the other hand the ability of having tides with high measures is considered as their proficiency in this sport.

Under the bad conditions anything, such as sand bars, reefs, surfboards, other surfers, rocks and icebergs and pieces of small ice can cause damage to surfers’ body in contact. Collisions with these objects can cause injuries or even death. Sea life also may be a danger a rare instances. They can cause injuries and even fatalities. Sharks, Stingrays, Weever fish, Seals and Jelly fish can sometimes present danger for surfer as the cases found and reported. Rip currents can be a danger for both novices and experienced surfers as well and they may be swept away with channels. When the water level above the seabed is shallow fall-downs can sometimes cause injuries or even death to surfers as in some areas beach breaks and reef breaks are very near. When the time of low tide this will occur repeatedly and fall-down is normal and injury is abnormal.

Best surf companies from Costa Rica

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Surfing etiquette

Because of tendency to improve surfing industry day by day the practicing of surfing become more popular and comprehensive. Once you are surfing you cover a large area of space. So you may become closer to another surfer and interaction may either be very helpful and or be disturbing to you. When there are certain etiquette has been came to practice in order to ascertain both players benefit. Here are some rules to follow.  When somebody is already riding a wave you must not try to paddle around him and keep yourself away from him and later your action may be appreciated by him. When some people are riding nearby the person very closest to the breaking wave has the right of way to ride the wave. By respecting his right you contributed largely to harmony between co-players. Respect all other riders’ rights and you are the one mostly highlighted among best practitioners. You may share the surf with another but don’t steal his waves. Thereby your fame will rise among the population and your surfing will be more successful with many rewards of waves by co-surfers. Remember that surf board riders cannot surf in between the flags on a patrolled beach. When you are experiencing a bad day keep it in mind that it is your fortune.  And don’t take it out on other people and respect them and their belongings. You are the son of best surfer in the world and surfing is belonging to you. This rule may apply not only to surfing area but also to shore and car park. When you are make a mistake or because a collision is aware to apologize always and make sure that everyone is satisfied with your behavior. Tomorrow the surfing area experiences a different day and is prepared to have a new day each day you surfing. It will alone give you the opportunity to be a good professional player yourself. The ocean environment is a relaxing place but it can be somewhat dangerous. You are needed to understand safe and dangerous spots to surf.  Identify what is your surfing area and what danger behind it and what advantage behind it. Be a professional wave rider.