Feb 4, 2013

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An Introduction to Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is a form of spare time in fishing. It entails angling for fun or competitive purpose. It’s like a game which considers how many fish one can catch rather than the culinary or financial value of the fish. Sport fishers releases the fishes after catching it but It doesn’t mean, the sport fishers cannot eat the fishes rather they will enjoy very much to cook and eat the fishes they caught. Sport fishers can choose saltwater sport fishing or freshwater sport fishing.

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Saltwater Sport Fishing Species

If anybody chooses Saltwater Spot Fishing Species they will find tarpon, shark, tuna, marlin, sailfish, mackerel, redfish, mackerel and salmon. People who fish in saltwater environments, they can catch larger fish like shark, tuna and mackerel.

Freshwater Sport Fishing Species

In North America freshwater sport Fishing is very popular and this freshwater fish species include walleye, sunfish, bass, rock bass, pike, catfish, trout, perch and crappie etc. Freshwater sport fishers commonly catch perch, trout, bass, salmon, and catfish.

A Brief History of Sport Fishing

Around the 16th century, fishing for fun gained popularity. We find the mention of Sport fishing in the book ‘The Complete Angler’, published by Izaak Walton in 1653. It is the earliest book where fishing is described as a sport for leisure time.

It is true that many people couldn’t take fishing as a sport. Traditionally it was an activity for becoming financially stable or for survival. Fishing for enjoyment and releasing caught fish was ambiguous. In 1989, Dr. Charles Fredrick Holder published several books and articles in which we find the scientific definition of Sport Fishing.

Sport fishing in general

If one wants to participate in Sport fishing, it is necessary to know the methods of sport fishing because the methods vary according to the area being fished in, the type of fish species, the personal strategies of the angler and the resources available. Usually nets or other methods are not used in sport fishing rather rod and reels are used in sport fishing. In the past, Sport fishers didn’t eat the fishes they caught but almost always killed them to bring them to shore to be weighed. Sport fishing can be occurred from land or from boats. If anyone wants to participate individually he/she can do from land and there is a team competition, then it can be occurred from boats on a specific area on a specified time.

The participants get scores as much as fish they can catch and also depends on the fish’s weight and species and sometimes scores also divided considering the strength of the fishing line used.

Why should one go for Sport Fishing:

There are lot of reasons for Sport Fishing:

Thrill, Fun and Excitement: It cannot be imagined how enjoyable Sport fishing is only by reading about or by seeing the sport fishing photos. If one goes for sport fishing, only then can understand what it feels like to reel in a giant fish.

Increase Communication: When some people go together for sport fishing, they get opportunity to know one another and come close together. It is an excellent way to spend some time with the friends or with the family members.

Feeling of Success: Sport fishing is a challenging game and the participant get a feeling of success and accomplishment by overcoming the challenge. But to have feelings of success one should follow the rules of the game and play very carefully, have enough knowledge about weather reports and use the right equipment. So for experiencing the true feelings of joy, achievement, success and accomplishment one should try Sport fishing.

Getting relived from Stress: Every day we have to do so many activities which cause stress, tension and many other psychological problems. If we can get opportunity for participate in sport fishing we can get relieved from the stresses of everyday life.

Rewarded Fish: It is true that we can catch many fishes while participating in Sport fishing and fish contains minerals and many vitamins but overfishing is harmful. We can bring a few fish for the family if it is allowed.

Sport Fishing for Beginners And Advanced:


People who didn’t go for sport fishing, they should practice their skills in ponds, rivers or lakes. They should be more careful about choosing the place where they will go for fishing. They should plan and take preparation and should gain knowledge about sport fishing and can take help from a guide.


People who are experienced in sport fishing they can choose to go offshore sport fishing. Advanced fishers can go to deep sea for sport fishing which can include large game fish like tuna and shark. It is very different, challenging and adventurous than going after bass and trout.

Equipments for Sport Fishing

Sport fishers should know about the equipments and choose carefully before going for fishing. Sport fishing is usually done with rod equipped with a line, hook and bait or a lure attached to the hook. Another type of equipment is also very popular and that is a special form of rod fishing known as fly fishing.

Rules and regulations of Sport Fishing

Sport fishers not only should know about the equipments but also about the rules and regulations of sport fishing. All sport fishers should follow the rules and regulations of sport fishing. The International Game Fish Association oversees a set of voluntary guidelines. According to the rules participants cannot use nets as well as fish being caught with hooks not in the mouth.

Sport Fishing Seasons

Anyone can participate in sport fishing in any season. But spring, summer, and fall are the seasons when majority of fun fishing occurs. As temperatures drop, many fishing enthusiasts wrap up for the winter season in the cold regions. But many people want to participate in sport fishing in winter also and if they continue fishing they can enjoy ice fishing. Ice fishing is not for everyone. If anybody wants to enjoy sport fishing in winter then they should prepare the right clothes, equipment and read up on the safety and rules and regulations for the destination.

Costa Rica Dreams Sport Fishing

Costa Rica Dreams Sport Fishing is the 5 star exclusive charter company at the famous Los Suenos Resort and Marina near Jaco Beach. This company offers fishing packages for fishing packages for fishing charters, condos and transportation. It has its own boat with full time crews. This company organizes three nights one day fishing in Jaco Beach.

This fishing also include:

  1. 3 Nights / 4 days or 5 nights 2 days fishing in Hotel Cocal (max 4 pax sharing 1 room)
  2. 4 Anglers with lunch, water, soft drinks, beer, baits, ice, etc.
  3. 1 Full days fishing trip aboard one of our 32′ Mako Wett Ryder.
  4. A round trip airport transfers from the San Jose airport to Los Suenos.

Blue Pearl Sport Fishing

Blue Pearl Sport Fishing fleet is very famous as it has been fishing Costa Rican waters for over 10 years. It is organizing sport fishing from north to south on the central Pacific coast. It has bilingual crews who know the art of conventional fishing, fly fishing and light tackle angling and can also guide the beginners. Blue Pearl Sport Fishing is actively involved with the preservation of Billfish in Costa Rica through The Billfish Foundation (TBF) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Blue Peal Sport Fishing includes:

  1. Lunch (full & 3/4 day) or Snacks (half day).
  2. Soft drinks, spring water, fresh fruits, cold beers.
  3. Baits and all fishing equipment (conventional & light tackle).

Costa Rica Fishing Adventures

This company started on early 2008. This company began with a small boat now it has more sophisticated boat which can make their client happier with their service. It has the latest technology and certified personnel with great knowledge in the area so it can provide an awesome fishing adventure.