Feb 16, 2013

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An Introduction to Scuba Diving

A scuba diver with some tortoysWhat is Scuba diving

Diving itself is one of the most historical professions of the world. It is old as civilization. Early humans dived for fishing and other valuables. However, Scuba is modern. So scuba diving is also a modern profession as well as a sport. Both personal reasons as well as professional reasons one may involve in scuba diving. Scuba diving is performed by many of people today.  Diving for recreational purposes devoted entirely for enjoyment and number of distinct technical disciplines such as cave diving, wreck diving, ice diving and deep diving may involve. On the other hand a number of professionally employed divers perform their tasks underwater, Instructors, dive masters and dive guides are some of those. Many countries have recognized the profession of divers for many reasons and legislated as well. Diving for military proposes is as old as wars. They can perform roles as direct combat, infiltration behind enemy lines, mine placement and demining, torpedo managing and engineering activities.  Police diving is one of most recent and civilized underwater activity and it aimed to prevent crimes and lifeguard activities. Underwater photography or filming is another most functional type of diving sector and well professionalized today. Other commercial, scientific, and professional underwater scuba diving tasks may include aquarium maintenance in large public aquariums, boat and ship inspection, cleaning and maintenance, diver training, fish farm maintenance fishing, e.g. for abalones, crabs, lobsters, scallops, sea crayfish, media diving: making television programs, etc. spear fishing, surveys and mapping, scientific diving  for marine biology, oceanography, hydrology, geology,  diving physiology and medicine, underwater archaeology and underwater tourism. So you can measure how scuba diving is function today with its largest variations.        

Underwater Culture

Scuba is the proper breathing equipment to use. It consists with an air tank, regulator, mouthpiece and tying. Underwater visions improve with a mask. The most important thing you may know is the signal system. It helps to underwater communication with your buddy or master and other divers. There is a set of signals you may familiar with and actions to take when in need. Dangers and emergencies occur nearby and you must be well educated with the first aids and reactions to manage such occasions. When you are mastering diving you will learn how to enter to and how to exit from. You may be familiar with terminology used in Scuba Diving and when you use boat diving how to enter and exit.



At the risk of sounding like a cheap infomercial, scuba diving actually does have the ability to change your health, social life, and overall outlook of the world around you. It is a great work out. Scuba is an amazing way to get your cardiovascular improve and strength training. Once you entered you are likely to constantly working against weight of water and moving repeatedly. Until you resurface the work out will continue. That is a great for your health of cardio. Scuba diving works for your lungs. They may be stronger and you may be one of better breathers as in hygienic points of view. Scuba helping to stress relived mind and keep your mental health in an ultra. It is a healing technique. It heals many diseases. Scuba is social. It is better way to find new people and make new friends. You share your life with buddy, instructor or master diver and it will stronger your career as a diver. Anyone can travel to shop, visit, and look, but scuba divers get to experience new places unlike any other tourist. It is a fun above all other benefits.

Worlds’ best diving spots

Cozumel offers the avid scuba diver a huge playground. It is the largest Caribbean island belongs to Mexico and twelve miles away from mainland.  You may join with large schools of fish there. The popular vacation destination is with the best of America’s.  For spectacular tunnels, caves and caverns Cozumel us popular among divers and non-divers alike. The greatest feature of scuba diving in Bali, Indonesia is the rich and varied sites – deep drop-offs and steep banks, coral ridges and bommies, one of the most famous wrecks in the world, volcanic outcrops and sea grass beds. Colorful diversity if marine life includes hairy frogfish, cockatoo leaf fish, pygmy sea horses, bump head parrotfish, reef sharks, sun fish and trevallies. The Bali dive season runs all year round. Overall, the best diving conditions exist from April to December.

Thailand has a number of Scuba Diving sites: Phuket, Ko Tao, Simila Islands and Surin. All Thailand shore is suitable to diving. Ko Tao is the best place. Early learners are welcomed by cheaper shore ofKo Tao. Hundreds of islands are reached by boat from Phuket. Many of them are uninhabited and fringed with spectacular coral reefs. The similan Islands are a national marine park. Live boards, day trips and overnight tours are organized there and the best time to visit is from October to April next year.

Papua New Guinea is once a secret gem for divers.  No matter what your taste, from deep drops and shallow reefs, private lagoons and atolls and perhaps best of all, pristine wrecks. Diving in Papua New Guinea offers everything, from Pygmy Seahorses, sharks, and occasional Orca’s. A number of ship wrecks are living space to a school of fish. There you will see many sites that are the remains of World War II. You will be amazed with biodiversity of Papua New Guinea Sea has.

Tropical coral reefs lure travelers to the Sinai Peninsula for unparalleled Egypt scuba diving at Red Sea. It is an alternative of best for Europeans, Americans and Australians with sunny vacations with a variety of activities. From views of colorful fish to intricate coral reefs, scuba diving in Red Sea promises to be memorable. Once again I would like emphasize the boast of Red Sea for diversity of Fishes.

Massive number of schools of fish, an amazing, vivid array of marine life and an ideal water temperature throughout the year, has meant that scuba diving conditions in Costa Rica are near perfect. The reef here is home to over hundred and twenty three species of fish, hundred and forty species of mollusk, and thirty five species of coral. The great effort made by Government of Costa Rica has made the ecotourism industry of towards a giant facilitator to divers and other coastal vacationers.

Made of limestone corals lifted above sea level, from the air they look like giant mushroomsis truly nature at its most majestic. They all are what you will see in Palau of Micronesia. Blue holes, huge caverns and an immense variety of rare and exotic marine species are easily accessible in clear water with visibility exceeding two hundred feet. There you will likely to see a number of species of sharks, turtles, dolphins that you will not see anywhere else in the world.

Maldives are a series of islands located in Indian Ocean very close to Sri Lanka. It is ideal place to beginner divers to take their first lessons on safe sites of Maldives. It is a year round visit. North Male atoll and South Ari atoll provide reliably good diving around the atoll walls, with healthy numbers of sharks, turtles and schooling game fish as well as all the small colorful reef life you expect to see.

I invite you to see the beauty of Belize. There is a large variety of reef types and diving experiences in Belize. The reef is running parallel to mainland and like a gigantic wall. In between the mainland and the reef, the waters are shallow and sandy with numerous mangrove-covered islands. Hard corals, gorgonians, sea fans, tunicates, and shellfish of amazing variety populate coastal waters of this beautiful country.

Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire, presents a healthy reef of the young marine park. It is one of the world and finest of the world among.  It is an ideal place to scuba diving and snorkeling.  All water surrounding main land nominated as a marine park of this Caribbean Island.

Belongs to Tuamotu Archipelago Rangiroa, presents a beautiful island which is about 250 miles away from Tahiti is that one of your mind attracted place of diving. Rangiroa means “Long Sky” and it is the second largest atoll in the world. Tiputa and Avatoru channels meat each other there and create a lagoon of twice daily when the tides turn. Grey reef sharks, dolphins, mantas and sometimes large hammerhead sharks are among the population you will find there.

This is a shipwreck heaven. Halfway in between Australia and Honolulu, the Marshall Islands have some of the least explored diving sites on the world called Bikini Atoll, famously used as an atomic test site in the 1950s is the resting place of several warships.There the place to birth of most beautiful coral reefs. Still few divers have this experience and you will probably be the one of first visitors there and the island is now thought to be free from radiation. The green corals evidenced for that reason and it becomes popular day by day.

Best diving operators of Costa Rica

Rich Coast Diving of Playes Del Coco of Guanacaste, Costa Rica is among the best companies who offer best diving packages. It came to industry in 1993 and gathered a lot of experience. Boat schedules are daily and you may arrange your diving at your convenience time and they offer both night and day tours. Visit www.richcoastdiving.com for more details. Another Guanacaste based company who offers similar services is Deep Blue Diving Adventures. You may have a lot of tour details by visiting www.scuba-diving-in-costa-rica.com .  Messer’s DiveThe World offers day and night diving schedules as well as tours to and you can easily access their website at www.dive-the-world.com and the company based in Golden Triangle.  Escape Villas came to the Diving world in 2001 and have lot of experience. Based in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, it offers services to both locals and foreigners. You may arrange your trip to Costa Rica by visiting there showroom at www.villascostarica.com . In 1995 another company founded in Costa Rica and now became the most hired company and it is Tierra Verde Adventures. It based in Ciudad Colon. www.adventure-costarica.com is their site for more information.

Golden Rules

There are ten golden rules to divers notable here as you are a beginner or master may know well. You may dive deeper in you second dive than the first dive. Keep in mind to take the deeper part later and early part near to surface. Your age must be at least ten years to begin Scuba diving. That is the second rule as to the standards. Getting certified may help to your career as a diver. You may take advise from an agent of grade A and secondly from an agent B in order to be certified. Your certification may include classroom studies as well as on-site training.  Rule 4: Ascend no faster than 30 feet per minute — one foot every two seconds. You may have a safety stop at the end of dive. That means you must pause your dive at about fifteen feet for a minimum of three to five minutes before your final ascent to the surface.Become neutrally buoyant before beginning your ascent and maintain neutral buoyancy throughout your dives. In an emergency with on-air condition depend on your redundant system or octopus of your buddy. Instead you may ascent immediately. Everybody emphasizes the need of a buddy to dive. But solo diving is becoming common. Solo diving is more dangerous than buddy diving. Be careful about your diving in solitary conditions. Most of us were taught that a snorkel is mandatory gear on every dive, just like a pair of fins. But increasingly, divers are leaving the snorkel in the gear bag much of the time. The dive computer is one of most important things among safe diving. It is mandatory today and is more important than octopus or snorkel. All divers are used to use dive computers in their diving today. You may follow them. OK. Have a good buddy.